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Six eCommerce Features That Need To Be Used

Over the past decade, eCommerce has become competitive and it is harder for business owners to make ends meet with so much competition. People expect more from modern technology that most web designers often fail to notice. In order for an eCommerce website to be a success, it should be fast and provide lightning fast results. There are 6 features that you definitely need to implement to ensure you wipe out the competition!

A Focus On Simple Design

You need to make it easy for people to understand what you’re selling and to navigate your website. Give people of all ages a chance to read your text by choosing a font size that is neither too small nor too large. The most important aspect of your design should be that your layout is free of clutter. Keep your pages properly labelled so visitors are clear on what they’re visiting.

Easy Navigation Is The Key

Visitors to your website want to reach their destination quickly without any guess work involved. Consumers should have an easy time moving backward and forward using your navigation. Most customers usually have a choice between your website and several others, and the final determining factor of their business is your navigation.

Give It Some Customized Charm


Visitors to your website want to have a unique experience using your site. In most cases, this means that a search engine in which they can tailor the results to suit their needs is a must. Giving your search engine a refinement option lets the consumer narrow down results to find the product that they need quickly and efficiently.

Easy Checkout Processing

It is important that everyone can use your checkout function with ease. Make it easy for consumers what types of payment you accept and ensure you offer several options. Before finalizing each order, allow users to correct any mistakes before they are charged for placing the order. Allow users to print a confirmation receipt at the end of each order to confirm that the order was accepted and the details recorded.

A Sense Of Security

Provide a sense of security on your website. Customers will only purchase from your website if they feel their information is safe and secure. Always use the newest versions of security protocol and make it clear to your customers that they are being protected.

Product Visibility

Make it easy for your customers to decide whether or not the product they are looking at suits their needs. Use high quality photos and descriptions that include all the details of the product. Provide the option for customers to look at further in-depth details of the product if they feel the need to. Combine like products and add a suggestion box in order to help customers find products that may also be of interest to them.



An eCommerce website can bring in plenty of income, but only if you take the necessary precautions to create a safe and easy to navigate website. Use the tips from this article to generate income and gain loyal customers!

The Power of a Successful Blogging Site

Your blogging site can be the most effective and powerful tool you have in your promotional tool box. Publishing updated blogging content on a routine basis can provide you or your business a number of useful benefits. These benefits include:

  • Increasing public awareness of your strong brand
  • Positioning your business as a strong member of an online community
  • Demonstrating the expertise of you or your business
  • Developing strong long-lasting relationships within your niche
  • Fostering an ongoing engagement in a highly active online community
  • The generation of quality leads

A blogging site can also be extremely powerful from the standpoint out search engine optimization (SEO). Active and strategic blogs can help you in a variety of ways including:

  • Assist search engine crawlers to increase your SEO ranking
  • Penetrate deeper into keyword verticals
  • Attract effective links to promote your updated content
  • Generate highly effective social signals
  • Increase organic traffic to your site

Add Related Posts

The simplest solution for maintaining a successful blogging site is to make access to quality content extremely easy to find for both visitors and search engine bots. If you keep your newly updated content very deep in hard-to-find locations or pages, it can easily be dropped from the search engine index. This can lower your rank while enhancing the ranks of your competitors making all of your SEO efforts ineffective.

Vary Your Title Tags

Anyone that runs a successful blogging site understands that keywords are the most effective part of SEO efforts. They serve as the basic foundation for search engine optimization. However, individuals that write quality content often drop the ball by not providing enough variety in the blog post title along with the title tag element.

This is often the result of inexperience, or more likely time constraints. Sometimes this specific option is not available on the dashboard – however this can be quickly remedied by installing the proper plug-in. Although it does not have a negative impact on your search engine optimization, it is certainly a missed opportunity at enhancing your search engine rankings.

The Importance of Sharing Buttons

By providing instant access to social buttons you allow your online visitors an easy access for sharing. This will help to improve the ability to distribute your updated content across a variety of social platforms. The more your content is shared, the more it will be exposed to new audiences that are redirected to your site.

From the perspective of search engine optimisation, providing any avenue where your content can be shared across different platforms will increase the likelihood of links and mentions, which will in effect increase your rankings. In addition, the ability to share the content with others will also help you become discovered quicker, because it shows up much faster in the index.

Every effective tool you use to increase your content awareness will have a dramatic impact on your rankings. Recognise that the social signals are used to influence your rankings. The more obvious you make your share buttons, the less distracting and disruptive they will become.

Computer Video Monitor Cables Buying Guide

There are several types of cable on the market that are used to connect computers with video monitors. Not all cables are the same. Some cables are limited in their data-carrying capacity and cannot support high-resolution monitors. Some are suitable to be used as regular, everyday cables while others are intended to be used as a back-up or with a secondary video monitor.

There are four types of cables commonly used with video monitors:

USB cables

USB cables are probably the most widely used cable in computing. They are well suited for connecting peripherals such as microphones, printers and storage devices. Though USB cables may work with many monitors, they support a maximum resolution of 1024×768, making them unsuitable for many newer monitors. USB cables are ideal for a back-up or to be used with a secondary monitor.

Standard VGA

For many years, VGA cables were the standard used with most computers. They work well, but like USB cables they are limited in their capacity to deliver high resolution. Monitors connected with VGA cables have a maximum resolution of 640×480 which make them impractical for more modern monitors with much higher resolution.


 These cables look very similar to VGA cables but deliver considerably better performance. VGI cables have the ability to deliver high image resolution and video resolution up to 2560×1600. When used with LCD monitors, VGI cables produces a minimum of interference and noise.


HDMI cables are the most popular and widely used video cables today. In addition to being compatible with computer monitors, HDMI cables may also be connected to televisions and home theatre systems. HDMI cables deliver a high amount of resolution and produce little interference. HDMI cable deliver information digitally, removing the need for error and static introducing conversions from digital to analog and back again. Because of this, HDMI cables of different quality each delivery a high quality signal for most applications. Longer cables used to connect widely separated devices may introduce some interference; for these applications the highest quality cable available is recommended. HDMI 2.0 is the most current version of the cable, as of January 2015.

For most applications, the HDMI 2.0 cable offers the highest resolution and best quality among video monitor cables. A USB cable may be handy to have as a backup or to use with a secondary monitor, but for regular use, HDMI is the best. In addition to its high quality, the compatibility of the HDMI cable with most modern devices makes it the best choice for meeting most users’ needs.

Best Web Design Tips Revealed

Designing your own website is not the easiest thing to do in the world. Unless you are an expert with Adobe Dreamweaver or a similar product, you’re probably going to be stuck with secondary programs and services that will create a substandard type of website. Modern website designers have come a long way in regard to full-featured programs that allow you to create websites on the fly. You just have to know where to look in order to find the best ones, which can also be the easiest way for you to get your website up and running quickly. Here are a couple of the best website design tips available that you can make it profitable site that can start bringing in some income on a regular basis.

Learn how to use HTML editor

Once you are making enough money to hire somebody to do this for you, then you can use your time more wisely by creating new sources of revenue and having people create these pages and posts online that will sell your product, or the affiliate products that you are marketing. One of the best ways to learn HTML is to go to Google and search for “HTML tutorials”. This will provide you with hundreds of YouTube videos with people that are able to help you design your website using simple tips and tricks that they are currently using today. However, if you don’t want to build your own website, you need to do the following.

Reference the affiliate program you are marketing

One thing you need to always think about when it comes to web design for your affiliate sites is to make sure that it references, especially in the graphics, the affiliate program that you are marketing. If you are marketing and affiliate program for fishing, then you need to have your web design team create a site that matches this particular motif. If you are doing this yourself, the same concept applies. You want to be able to design the site on your own to emulate the affiliate program, or the product, that you are selling.

Add original content to new website

When you are finished creating your site, you will have to add new content that is 100% original. This is a common flaw that many IMers overlook despite the recent updates by Google in its attempt to get rid of spam sites once and for all. Whether you use Dreamweaver and learn how to use it through the tutorials on YouTube, or you are using one of the WYSIWYG editors on your hosting, you will have a better chance of making sales by designing your website to be user-friendly, something that every person in web design understands, and implements, with each one that they create.

Use your domain provider’s hosting and web software

If you get hosting from some of the top domain providers like GoDaddy, they give you WYSIWYG editors that can make website creation very simple to do. Since you already have purchased a domain from them, you should be able to easily connect your web hosting with the domain and start using their WYSIWYG editor to build your site the same day. Like most things, there is always a learning curve until you are fully competent using a new system. By using your domain providers hosting, and their web design software, you should be able to create a good mini niche site to help you with your dream of becoming an online entrepreneur.

Why Quality Is Essential To Good Blogging

You can’t just write anything in a blog and expect people to read it and love it. You must consider whether what you write is of value to the readers. You must consider several things before, during, and after you post in order to really grasp if what you’ve written is what your readers want. The thing that they are looking for is quality. They are looking for high-quality content. Here is why the quality of your blog posts is important.

Stay relevant to your topic and niche

Don’t deviate and go off-topic. If your blog is about animals, don’t start making posts that focus on cars. Doing a bunch of posts that have nothing to do with with your niche and the items that interest your target audience is harmful to your blog. You will be seen as inexperienced and will not gain recognition as an expert, which is what many bloggers strive to be. Make sure that every post on your blog has a purpose, follows your original theme, and provides something useful to your readers.

High quality is essential to gaining more traffic

When you offer something valuable, you will keep your readers coming back for more. Better yet, they can help you get even more readers and you should see a major boost in hits on your site. That means you will rank higher in the search engines where more people will find your site, read it and generate more revenue for you. If you sell products via ads on your site, this also increases the chance that you will get more ads clicks and even more revenue. The only way to do this, though, is quality over quantity. You don’t need hundreds of posts a day if those posts do not resonate with the readers. It is not a race to write the most posts because those numbers do not attract the readers. They need details, perspective, and insight that is entertaining, educational, or just plain useful.

Careful planning

Many bloggers struggle with writing posts. All it takes is some careful planning before you type. Think carefully about what you want to write before you start writing. Learn what your audience wants to see and what they find is insightful, interesting, useful, or valuable. Keep a collection of potential posts that you have found in various places online, in print, or in a conversation to generate some inspiration and ideas. You just never know when you’ll run into something inspirational or witty that you can use to write great posts, so keep records of all of it. Look carefully at your older posts to see which ones your readers are reading. See if your lengthy detailed posts about several things work better than your shorter posts about one thing. Lastly, don’t force yourself to write because you may sacrifice quality, create posts that miss the mark, and therefore, lose readers.

Blogging can be a fun and exciting field, but it’s not so much about the numbers as it is what your blog provides to the readers. Remember that the quality is what will help you succeed, not the most amount of posts that you can create in a day. Take the time to craft great posts and your audience will repay you with more hits, a better reputation, and increased revenue.

Blogging: Choosing the Right Platform for You

There are so many choices out there when it comes to blogging platforms (the software you choose to create your blog), it is sometimes difficult for the beginner to know which is the right one for them. There are several factors to consider in making that choice, including ease of use and your own skill level with computers, and the Internet in particular. You would also want to consider the purpose of your blog and how visually oriented you want it to be, as well as whether you are blogging for fun or for profit.


Let’s address the visual goals of your blog. If you lean toward the artistic and want a lot of pictures in your blog, you might want to look at Tumblr. Tumblr focuses more on graphics and is great for someone desiring a photo blog. It is owned by Yahoo and is the platform used by such companies as GQ and The Atlantic. Check out their Tumblr sites to get an idea of what you can do with your own blog using Tumblr.

This is a very easy platform to use and offers the ability to incorporate images, as well as text and videos. It also has a wide variety of themes so you can individualise your blog page. Tumblr is accessible through your mobile devices, i.e., smart phone or tablet. The downside is the same as its positive: it’s more image oriented than narrative/text oriented, so you would want to decide which will play heaviest into the goals you have for your blog. There are some beautiful Tumblr pages out there though, so I recommend some browsing before any decisions are made.


Another user-friendly platform is WordPress.This is another popular platform offered for free. In fact, WordPress has the distinction of representing one of every six blog websites. It’s content managing system runs from the most simple for the casual or hobby blogger to some very complex features for more expert bloggers. You will find the Wall Street Journal and People Magazine among its users. It is easy to customise the appearance of your blog using its extensive theme library and thousands of plugins. It also offers excellent video tutorials to assist the novice.


Finally, let’s look at Blogger, one of the earliest of the blogging services and owned by Google. If your are looking at blogging for profit, Blogger plays well with its other family members, such as AdSense. It is more limited when it comes to themes, but its years in the blog game means it has ironed out the glitches that are attendant upon most blogging platforms.


The first step would be to do your due diligence and see what is out there. This will enable you to make an informed decision regarding what platform you finally choose. After that, take time to explore the features offered by your chosen platform, watch the tutorials, and once you are satisfied you can manage your content, take the leap and have fun with your entry into the world of blogging.

Web Design Mistakes To Avoid

Have you ever visited a website that made your jaw drop in the wrong way? If you have, you are one of the many who have experienced web design mistakes. Web designers often get carried away and want to impress visitors with their skills, but sometimes, that can really all go in the wrong direction. Keep reading to find out about web design mistakes that you need to avoid!

Make sure that you have some form of a search box available on your website

However, keep in mind that it is in your best interests to have a simple search engine that people of all skills can use. Some search engines don’t understand typos or different spellings of words which can make for a hectic time searching. People won’t stay on your website if they can’t find the page they’re looking for.

Never use PDF files on your website for reading material

It freezes up computers and it really breaks the flow of things. Imagine how annoying it is when you’re reading something and then you have to download something to read it further. PDF files are bad for online reading, but good for printing material.

It is important to successful web design that you have links in your navigation bar that change colors once visited. This helps users understand where they’ve been and where they’re headed. Checking out your website is much like a journey, but without the proper link colors, it can become hectic like losing a map.

Stay away from any and all design elements that can be misconstrued as advertising

People are turned off by flashing graphics and animations, pop-up windows or graphics resembling banner ads. These are all things that people may perceive as advertising and feel irritated at you for including them in your web design.

Don’t create a web design that has never been done before

This doesn’t mean that you should copy other people’s websites, but it certainly means you shouldn’t stray from the norm. Pay attention what popular companies are doing on their sites, and don’t create something that can be seen as over-the-top.

People don’t want to read your content in a long and boring blob of text

In fact, if you don’t add any interest to your wall of text, people will feel intimidated, bored and overwhelmed; usually resulting in people fleeing your website. Incorporate the use of bullets, outlines, bold headlines and graphics to create text that is easy to tackle and keep track of.

Answer questions when asked

This may seem like a no-brainer, but all too often, website owners lose business because they just forget about customer service. If someone asks you something, don’t misplace your manners and answer everything accordingly.
When people click to see your website, you generally have a few seconds to convince them to stay. If you can’t, there is a likely chance that the person will leave and so will many others. Use the mistakes from this article to avoid making your own.

Top Four Web Design Trends

The web design industry is constantly changing from a static design to a more dynamic and extremely personalized media-rich experience than ever. As such, web developers need to catch up with the latest web designing trends, which have a common purpose of improving user experience in the search engine results page (SERP) of all search engines: Below are the most recent web designing trends, which will improve performance of a website in the search results, and intern significantly improve web traffic and conversion rate.

1) Mobile Design

Daily mobile searches made by search engine users is significantly increasing due to the wide use of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, making mobile traffic the major web traffic contributor. Consequently, modern websites are responsive in nature, which enables web pages to resize in order to fit on the screen of small hand-held devices such as smartphones and tablets. On the other hand, web designers are putting more effort on texts and images used on web pages, to make sure that they are fluid in nature for a better layout, format, and user experience on mobile devices.

2) Media Rich Content

Search engine users are constantly shifting attention from text-based web contents to a more dynamic and media-rich web contents such as videos, infographics, and images among others. For this reason, major search engines are giving more attention to web pages with video contents, detailed infographics, and images and they tend to appear more frequently in the SERPs than web pages that are completely text-based. As such, media-rich web contents have become one of the latest web designing trends, which are necessary for an impressive ranking in the SERPs of all the major search engines including Google, Yahoo, and Bing among others.

3) Interactive Design

Generally, websites with high-quality interaction interfaces are becoming necessary for an improved personalized service when a user is on a website. Modern websites are adopting the use of interaction interfaces to improve communication between visitors and owners of a website. As such, it is necessary to include interfaces that ask customers to fill in their details such as Email address, phone numbers, names and more, so that they can feel more important and fully engaged to significantly reduces the bounce rate which is considered the major enemy when it comes to conversion of a website.

4) Animations

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Animation has become one of the most important web design trends that significantly improve user engagement and attention. Consequently, it is necessary to include creative animations that convey important messages to users on web pages, which will definitely attract the attention of users and pass to them important and relevant information, which cannot be achieved when generic and static animations or images are used on web pages.


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